Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Twinings Assam Tea


Twinings claims:
Imagine a land where elephants and tigers wander freely, and where lush green paddy fields sit under stormy skies.
That place is Assam in North East India. The tea it produces is one of the world's most famous - a rich and strong, deep-amber tea that goes perfectly with brunch or after dinner instead of coffee.

I haven't done a tea review in a minute. But I still drink it. Even when the weather is nice. 

I was first introduced to this brand when my parents brought it back from a cruise. It was the peach flavor...and it was AMAZING.

So I found a big box of this in the cabinet that no one was drinking. So I tried it. And I love it. It's basically black tea. But I adda little sugar...and some milk. And I'm good to go. 

I drank all fifty bags. I'm gonna say it's my second favorite tea in the whole wide world. But DO NOT read the little narrative on the box. It makes no sense what so ever. Elephants have NOTHING to do with the tea but for some reason they have a whole paragraph devoted to them. I mean, I like elephants too know.

Any, I really recommend it. In the morning or afternoon though because it tend to keep me up nights. 

Have you ever tried this brand?

Like it?