Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I Got A SEDU flat iron!!!

This was a complete impulse buy.

I needed a trim. ASAP.

And I was going to make an appointment to get my hair straightened and trimmed. But I kept thinking of my last experience. The lady that did my hair left for about two hours in the middle of blow drying.  I was stuck waiting for her. 

My hair started to puff up as soon as I left the salon.

And she cut too much off. Grr.

I wanted to learn how to straighten forever..but my hair is a little intimidating. It's 'frolicious

So I was on folica.com. (I bought a dual-voltage Solia flat iron years ago but it doesn't work anymore) And I saw that they had the Sedu iron with the European plug. Since I'll be living in Germany for the next two years I figured I might as well.

Then Folica had $25 buck off.

And I couldn't NOT get it. 

So before I knew demons took over my body and made me get out my debit card and order.

And a week later it was here!!

The day I got it I flat ironed. And the iron glided through my hair like BUTTAH!

I trimmed (more like hacked away large amounts of hair because I AM scissor happy)!

And I had shiny silky hair.

Unfortunately I didn't take pics until the day after when it puffed so that's why I'm showing the front only. Next time I promise to take pics.

I'm in LOVE with my SEDU. It feels kinda light (like a toy) but it heats up in 25 seconds and does an excellent job of straightening.

And that's all folks.