Sunday, April 7, 2013

I Painted My Nails White!!

And I LOVE it!

Years and years ago I saw an article about white polish in Essence and since then I really wanted to try it. I am very addicted to black polish so I thought it would be fun to rock pure white!

The one I got is actually low quality and dings and smudges easily so I'm on the lookout for better quality. In the meantime, this will do!!!

Coincidentally my very first nail polish was white. Or at least the first one I bought myself. I was in third grade or so and we went to a beauty supply store and they had sinful colors. I thought this was the oddest color to paint nails so I bought it. But I don't think I ever actually used it. Or maybe I did.

Oh yeah, check out my owl ring from Ebay. I love it!!