Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fake Beauty Products on Ebay

I love Ebay as much as the next girl.

But some things you have to be wary of off of eBay.

I've never actually ordered anything fake off of eBay...but I had been tempted previously.

I really want MAC brushes. So I did an eBay search and all sorts of cheap "MAC" brushes come up. They have mini sets, Hello Kitty sets, different colors. Designs I have never seen in MAC. At amazing prices. 

And it's all fake.

I guess there is a real brush in there somewhere but it will take a lot of work to find the real thing. It's easier to just buy it from a source you KNOW is a MAC store or website or Macy's or something like that.

A while ago I looked up palette's such as those from Urban Decay and Benefit. And there are a ton of fakes on those. 

There is even some NARS.


Some people will buy these knowing they are fake but I wouldn't do it. Only because you don't know who makes it and what's in it. I've heard some of these products contain dangerous chemicals. And if something does happen you can't take legal action. I would much rather use a dupe!!

Anyway, I just wanted to do this post to let you know so you don't get tricked!! There are plenty of videos on youtube comparing fake products with the real ones! Definitely do your research!

As always be safe and happy shopping!!