Sunday, May 5, 2013

Relaxed Vs Natural Hair


This is just a post to talk about my personal experiences of being relaxed and being natural!!!

First things first...check that picture! It's a throwback to senior year...that was six years ago!!! It was right after I had a lot of my hair cut off..and probably the shortest my hair had ever been.

Anyway let's get started!!

Natural Hair Pro's

1. Natural hair is much easier for me. When I was relaxed I still had to blow dry then flat iron my hair. With my hair natural I can just throw a leave-in conditioner in and go!

2. Natural hair is cheaper! I'm not buying a relaxer just shampoo, conditioners, and styling products, which I have to buy anyway. If I would have been getting relaxers in a salon that would mean much more money.

3. Natural hair is more versatile. I can wear it straight or in it's natural afro-kink curly self. You can do twist out's/ braid outs, pic it out. So many choices.You can't wear relaxed hair natural!!!

4. Natural Hair is healthier hair. My hair is much stronger. I can actually feel a difference in my individual hair strands. They are stronger. Plus I get way less split ends!!

Relaxed Hair Pro's

1. Didn't have to worry about the rain or the humidity. My hair wouldn't spontaneously turn back into a 'fro when I was trying to keep it straight.

2. No knots. My hair was pretty much tangle free and easy to comb out. Now it takes a little while longer to comb out the knots and tangles my hair is more prone to now that it's natural.

All in all, I love my nappy afro hair and will never go back to the creamy crack!!

That's all folks!