Sunday, June 9, 2013


If your a fan of funk music...then you KNOW Cameo.

My favorite thing about them are their videos. They have some of the most horrible fashions in their vids. I even think one of them had on a wedding dress for one. It was awful...yet hilarious.

I love them anyway.

More than likely you've heard their song Candy or Word Up...even if you aren't into funk music. They have been heavily sampled. And for good reason.

They have other songs I really like too!

Shake Your Pants- For the real funk lover...
Why Have I Lost You- Fits in with those oldie male falsetto group sounds...
I Just Want to Be- Funky fresh!
Attack Me With Your Love

We know what I'll be blasting when I go home later! And do check out some of their music videos if only for a good laugh....