Monday, June 24, 2013

Candy Staton

Every now and then I listen to some Disco music. Yeah, it's on my Itunes...and I'm NOT ashamed.

Disco music is fun to dance too.

One of my favorite disco tunes is Young Heart Run Free.

I'm not sure if this was an actual hit, I think it was. But don't quote me.

Candi Staton didn't have many hits...but she had some soulful songs (yes...sistah sang disco and soul!)

Some other songs I like by her:
In the Ghetto- I guess this was originally an Elvis song. I don't like Elvis. Not even a little bit. But I did hear his version and in my opinion Candi's version blows his out the water. 

Nights On Broadway- I love this song. The instruments and her voice are fun!

Stop Before We Start- Love the combination of Bobby Womack and Candi Staton's vocals. Love this song.

And I already told ya'll about Young Hearts Run Free...

Check it out!