Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Makeup Artists are NOT GOD

Every now and then..I rant. Just to get some stuff off my chest.

This is just about my frustration with make-up artista.

I haven't met many but of the few I have met..I have had some disappointing experiences.

1. I hate when they follow me around. I went to a Belk in North Carolina and was browsing through the make-up and these two makeup artists followed me around the I was gonna steal the stuff. They never even asked if I wanted help. Needless to say, I didn't buy anything and I stay away from the makeup counters at Belk.

2. I hate when they don't seem to know anything. They ask me if I need help...and I usually ask for help with picking the right color foundation. I usually get met with a puzzled look. If you are a makeup SHOULD be able to color matter if they person is green, blue, or purple. (exaggeration!) I had this one girl try and convince me that a color about three shades to dark was my perfect match in a NARS foundation. I had one artist just pick up a random bottle that clearly was NOT my color and act like I should have bought it. I've probably only met two people that have color matched me accurately. I find I can do a much better job myself....

3. I hate having one of them do my face and it a 12 year old could do better. I almost always go home and wash it right off and do a much better job myself. I understand that  sometimes  it's hard to figure out what will complement certain features or which colors will suit a person best...but I feel that if that's what they do for a living...they SHOULD be good at it.

I think that about sums it up.

I feel better! 

What do ya'll think?