Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I Made Chili!!!

And now I think of myself as a five star chef!

Not really though. 

But the chili was good!!! 

Sidenote: I just now realized chili is only spelled with one L. Weird.

I got the recipe from my fave blog Budget Bytes. Unfortunately it's one of the earlier posts so their aren't good measurements and pictures.

Click Here for the recipe.

I liked it because it was easy and it had half a bottle of veggie juice. I have eating/drinking vegetable and this was a good way of eating them! Yay. AND it had corn and black beans in it too. Two ingredients I've never had in chili but they were very welcome.

Oh and today I grilled chicken outside on the grill. It's lemon pepper chicken and it's DELICIOUS. 

Man, I can cook!