Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Oversa Professional Nail Polish Remover

What I really want is to try Zoya's nail polish remover. But that stuff is expensive. So I bought this instead. It was only like a Euro and some change.

I really bought this for the bottle. I have ALWAYS wanted one of those where you just sit the cotton in the top of the bottle and pump! They just seem so proffesional. Hey, look at me! I don't have to flip my nail polish bottle to get it out!

Anyway, I was super excited about the bottle...and it wouldn't have mattered if what was inside completely sucked. 

But it didn't suck!

I love this nail polish remover. I really do. It doesn't make my nails weak, it works relatively quickly, doesn't tear up my cuticles, and smells lovely. Like something high end. When your done the scent stays on your fingers.

In short, I love it. It's made in Germany and I don't think it's sold in the US.

I'm keeping the bottle FOREVER. I'll just keep refilling it

As you can tell, I'm pleased!