Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sally Hansen Complete Salon manicure in Shrimply Devine

I don't buy Sally Hansen nail polish because I usually don't like the formula. But this was a gift so how could I refuse? 

Sally Hansen claims:
5 Products in 1 Bottle
  • Base coat
  • Strengthener
  • Growth Treatment
  • Colour
  • Top Coat
Patented Micro-Encapsulated time-release Technology infuses nails with advanced wear, care & shine ingredients Chip resistant, noticeably smooth and brilliantly shiny for up to 10 days Exclusive double brush covers the entire nail surface in one even stroke
I'm never in any shortage of pinks. It's the one color I never buy but always have tons of. It's unexplainable but... whatever.

So I'll start by saying I love the formula. It dries relatively quickly, doesn't require a base coat or top coat, and the wear is really good. I can get about three days of chip free wear. (that's GREAT for me!) I honestly don't know about growing or strengthening my nails but they don't harm them.

It has that extra wide brush that takes some getting used to. The idea is one quick swipe to cover your entire nail. It works on smaller nails but not on wider ones.

The color wasn't something I admit to being in love with, but I love how many compliments I get when wearing this color. It's a super bright pink that looks like it belongs on Barbie.

Overall, I really like it, and I would buy more in this line. Yay, for Sally Hansen!