Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Yankee Candle Meyer Lemon Tart

I was in the mood for a nice summer scent...and what can be more summery than lemons?

Confession: I had never heard of a meyer lemon and have no idea how they are different from regular lemons...but whatever!

Yankee Candle claims:
A bright and sunny citrus. . . perfectly ripe, with a naturally sweet and refreshing scent.

Not a very good description. I'll do a little smells like lemon starbursts. It smells nice...but kinda light. Good clean lemon scent.

And it doesn't last as long as some other tarts. 

Everytime I would light it I couldn't help but think it would be much better in a Kitchen or Bathroom.

Overall, it was aight. 

Not a must have. 

Skip it.