Sunday, July 28, 2013

Yankee Candles Beach Flowers Tart

Lately, I've been watching Dexter. The only show I've been watching is True Blood but I found I needed something else to occupy my time, so I watched the first season. I tried watching it before with a guy I had been talking to...but ya'll know how it is when your supposed to be watching end up spending more time flirting and you don't really watch the show! But anyway, I think I need a serial killer boyfriend. ( I joke!)  He seems so attentive to Rita. At least in the first season. 

Anyway, this is supposed to be a candle review and I'm rambling about a TV show. So back to the topic at hand!!!

Continuing on with my craving of floral scents, I bought this.

Yankee Candle claims:
Like delicate keepsakes from the sea. . . the lovely scent of tuberose, lily and hyacinth blossoms balanced with soft watery notes.

Ok, so this is FLORAL. I don't think I wanted this much of a flowery scent. Unfortunately I don't really know my flower scents so I can't pick anything out...just that it smells like a bunch of really strong flowers...and some glade bathroom spray. And I can't pick up on the "water" scent.

The first two times I melted it, it was mega strong and roamed out in the hallway and up the stairs. It mellowed out now.

It's a nice pretty lilac color and I really like the picture of the flowers and sea shell.

For me it's just...OK. It's nice when you have your windows open and there is a little breeze but I don't like it enough to buy again or recommend unless you love floral scents. If you do...this might be right up your alley.

As for me, I think I'm laying off floral scents for awhile!!