Thursday, August 15, 2013

I Made Enchiladas!!!

I've been a bad blogger lately. It's because I've been doing a little traveling. And I would share the pictures..only I haven't been taking any. time!!!

Anyway, I was lonesome for a full month because my family went to the states. And I wasn't really cooking much because I've discovered it's no fun cooking only for yourself. So I neglected to try new recipes. But when they came back I made enchiladas from my favorite website...Budget Bytes.

Most of her recipes are excellent. But this one....I wouldn't make again. It could have just been the sauce I used. It came out of a can and I'm pretty sure it's a popular brand.

Anyway, they looked good but tasted...blah. I do like the idea of making enchiladas (these are the first I've tried) and I'll be trying some of her other variations that seem to have a more homemade feel.

Click here for the recipe!!

I tried!!!