Monday, August 5, 2013

Lush Avobath Bath Bomb

Last week, I went to Lush. Just to get a face mask. But I decided to pick up a bath bomb as well!
 I had been feeling completely drained and wanted something to lift my spirits up. Bath time with a good book usually helps. Speaking of good books, I'm reading Darkly Dreaming Dexter. I decided I like the show enough to be curious about the books. So far, so good...

Lush claims:
Grab the avocado, olive oil and lemongrass
No, you’re not going to have a salad; you're going to ‘ave a bath!
Use this when your skin is thirsty and your mind is blocked. If you haven’t got a friend to tell you to pull your socks up and get back up and out there, then this ballistic will do the job for you!

So...Avobath. It smells like lemongrass Fruit Loops.It's a very uplifting cheerful scent. I like it. Of course, I wish it were stronger and I wish it would have lingered.

It's a fast fizzer. And it turns the water a very pretty shade of green. It doesn't have any glitter or anything in it for those that don't like the mess some Lush products can leave. 

Most Lush products make the water feel softer but I didn't really notice that. It didn't leave my skin dry though, it just wasn't moisturizing.

Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Fresh Organic Avocado, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil,Lemongrass Oil, Bergamot Oil, Rosewood Oil,*Citral, *Geraniol, *Farnesol, *Limonene, *Linalool,Perfume, Gardenia Extract, Lustre Holly Sparkle

Overall, it was Ok. But I wouldn't buy it again. I think the next time I go to Lush, I'll take Big Blue home with me.