Monday, August 26, 2013

My Super Awful Day Last Week

I am so glad it is a new week. Last week was probably the most awful one I have ever my life.

Actually it wasn't the whole week, it was one particular day.

Last Thursday to be exact. I was working the night shift and fighting off what I think was a fever. My skin was hot too the touch and I had the most terrible headache but what could I do but wait it out? I finally got off...a little later than I expected and headed home. It's about a thirty minutes drive from work and I usually love the drive.

I blast music and cruise home.

Not this time. I had the music low (because my head was killing me!) All the sudden I see a baby deer in the road. I panick inside. I thought about going off the road but that probably would have meant instant death for me because my car would have wrapped around a tree, so I decided not to. I hit the brakes. Pretty hard. Almost hard enough to lose control of the car. But I didn't. 

The deer was in the middle of the road and had he taken two steps back..I wouldn't have hit him. But he stepped forward. So I hit him on the side. Maybe the legs. Poor thing. 

I drove the rest of the way..cursing...and crying because I thought I killed a baby deer. It was late and I thought I saw blood and all the stuff on the car but when it was morning I looked at the car and there was no damage. I think I might have just scared the deer and hit his leg..because he wasn't in the road later on.

But boy do I feel bad. I was up the WHOLE night boo hooing about it.

But even though I feel bad about the deer, I'm thankful that I'm OK. Every year there are many fatalities because of collisions or near collisions with animals.

I feel better getting that off my chest! I tried to at work and some told me I should have swerved off the rode. Umm...ok.

Stay safe everyone!!!