Saturday, September 21, 2013

Black Bean Salad (And A Whole Dinner)

I am still trying to learn how to cook. I'm not a pro but I'm getting so much better at it. A few weeks ago I made an entire meal. If you know me, then you know that is a big accomplishment. Usually I have to focus on cooking just one thing at a time. Which means I can't cook a meal. If I do try to make a whole meal something usually end ups overcooked (read: burned!), undercooked, or just plain nasty. I have to focus.

But not that day. I came in...decided I was going to make a meal...and did it. Everything was going so well that every couple of minutes I found myself doing a little happy dance and cheering myself on. I got on a few peoples nerves doing that gotta do what you gotta do!

Anway, I've been making recipes from budget bytes. The main recipe I wanted to share was the black bean salad. Nothing I would normally eat...but it was actually pretty good. And good for you which is why I made it twice and would make it all the time. 

I even filled a burrito with it and added some cheese and bam...dinner!

So there it is. I made Honey Chipotle Salmon...looks burnt but tasted amazing, and mashed chipotle sweet potatoes. Are you sensing a theme?

Anway it all came out super fabulous and I'm extra proud of myself. And if you get a chance you really should make the black bean salad.

Click here for the recipe!