Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cheryl Lynn

I'm on a blogging roll. Three days in a row. Yay.

Anyway, it's been forever since I've done a music post. I almost debated stopping them but I enjoy it so I'll keep on.

Anyway, Cheryl Lynn. I only knew her because of her song Encore which comes on the old R&B station. I love that song. It never fails to get me up and dancing. 

Deserves an Encore.

Others you MUST check out.

Got's to Be Real- I think this has featured on a ton of movies.
Encore- Of course
If This World Were Mine- I think this is my favorite song of all time. If I could only have one song on my IPOD for the rest of my life it just might be this. Luther and Cheryl's voice combine to make absolute heaven.

These outfits however are not heaven. (haha!!)