Monday, December 30, 2013

Lush Noriko Soap

I am so glad I only had a sample of this. I would have been pretty upset if I had purchased. I don't usually review samples either but I'll probably never ever purchase this.

Lush claims:
This delicate floral soap creates a soft, creamy lather that nourishes hardworking hands. With seaweed and glycerin to soften and hydrate, and rose, ylang ylang, lavender and orange oil to create a fresh, rainy garden perfume. Noriko is named after our enthusiastic Japanese friend who loves creating new LUSH products. It has become a best-selling soap in Japan, with Japanese-inspired ingredients like sake, rice decoction and tofu to nourish the skin. We've brought it back as a limited edition treat for you this winter season. Lather up and enjoy!

It sounds pretty amazing...I mean tofu, saki, and rice. It's like Japan in a soap.

It's supposed to be floral but to my nose it's peppery and just plain stinks. It smells exactly Carol's Daughter Healthy Hair butter. Which stinks but moisturizes my hair like nobody's business. 

It's creamy and I don't think it dried my skin. The rice can be a little abrasive though. I guess maybe I should have pressed a little lighter.

Another thing that wasn't that great with it was the lather. Not to say it didn't clean me.

The best thing about it is that it doesn't linger.

Propylene Glycol , Rapeseed Oil , Coconut Oil (Brassica napus; Cocos nucifera) , Rice Decoction (Oryza sativa) , Sake , Tofu , Water (Aqua) , Sodium Stearate , Sodium Lauryl Sulfate , Agar Agar Gel (Gelidium cartilagineum) , Titanium Dioxide ,Fragrance , Lavender Oil (Lavandula augustifolia) ,Rose Absolute (Rosa damascena) , Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata) , Brazilian Orange Oil (Citrus sinensis) , Glycerine Sodium Chloride , EDTA ,Tetrasodium Editronate , Sodium Hydroxide ,Gardenia Extract (Gardenia jasminoides) *Geraniol ,*Farnesol , *Benzyl Salicylate , *Benzyl Benzoate ,*Linalool , FD&C Blue No. 1 , FD&C Red No. 4

In conclusion, you couldn't pay me to take home a bar. Sorry Lush!