Monday, December 2, 2013

My First Time Using Henna

Most people know what henna is. But if you don't know I'll go ahead and tell you. It's basically a treatment people use for color or strength. Henna is a natural dye that doesn't cause the damage that commercial dyes sometimes can. So it's been on my list of things to do forever. My mom gave me a box of burgundy henna. She uses the black one to cover her grays and it works pretty well. So I figured I would do it.

First of's messy. I put a box down and leaned over the sink and applied it...well actually my little sister did. I put an old pillowcase and extra towels down and it's a good thing I did because the color ran through the bag I placed over my head. 

Sleeping in it was kind of uncomfortable but manageable. 

As for the smell it's pretty strong and very herbal.

The most work comes when it's time to rinse it out. It took forever to get the water to run semi-clear. Meanwhile it looked like someone had died in the bathtub.

I thought my hair was going to feel dry and tangled afterward but it didn't. It felt a lot stronger. The color was nowhere near what I thought it was going to turn out. It made my hair really really dark. With a little bit of a red tinge in certain lights. It's been a couple weeks since I did the henna and most of the red is actually gone.

I do have about half a box left so I do plan on trying it again. It's just the amount of work and that fact that I'm lazy that prevents me from just jumping in and doing it again.

Have you tried henna? For color or strength? Would you?