Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Lush Snowman Bath Bomb

I did my Lush UK haul not so long ago. If you took a look at that you would see that my Snowman bath bomb arrived completely crushed. I figured I would use it first just to get rid of it.

Lush claims:
What a softy! Scented with the same vanilla fragrance as our Butterball bath bomb and loaded with skin-softening cocoa butter.

Snowman is back with a jolly red scarf and a nose made out of The Carrot bubble bar from last Easter. He also contains cocoa butter which creates a moisturising, creamy soft bath that is great for nourishing and protecting your skin.

So he would have been cute had he arrived in tact. See?
So let's start off with scent. I've never tried Butterball but supposedly they have the same scent. I actually didn't really like this bomb. It smelled like black licorice. And I hate black licorice. I don't see how it can be candy. It's vile.

But yeah that's how it smells.

It isn't strong either. (which is a good thing!)

It wasn't a very excited bomb either. It gave off a little red because of his scarf. But other than that the water is kinda clear.

It had little pieces of Cocoa Butter. Which left the surface of the water looking a little oily which might bother some. I didn't mind so much. 

The Cocoa Butter was kinda moisturizing. But if you like Cocoa butter in the bath you can easily get a stick for about a dollar and add that to the bath. Just as good....

I just didn't think it was a very exciting or nice smelling bomb. Not for me...and no recommendation. Sorry Lush.