Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bikini Body Salad

I clipped this recipe from Self magazine...which I'm somehow subscribed too. I'm not complaining though because I LOVE that magazine. 

I figured instead of just looking at the recipes, I would try to make them. This particular one sounded aight...the veggies almost scared me away.

But I'm glad I decided to make it because it tasted AMAZING. Seriously. I found out I love green beans...and lima beans, two foods I used to avoid. The dressings is so good and the basil and avocado puts it over the top. I could eat this everyday.

And it's vegan for those that don't eat meat or dairy.

AND it taught me how to blanch and chiffonade veggies.

Oh yeah, I'm fancy!

I ate this the first day as a dinner side with the best chicken I have ever made in my life! It was Cajun chicken and it was seriously good. I need to make it again.

Anywho, click here for the recipe.