Sunday, February 2, 2014

Schick Quattro For Women

Today was a good day. I worked out (Zumba-520 calories) and made super bowl food (buffalo chicken cheese balls). Speaking of Super Bowl, who's watching? Not me. I find football to be a little slow paced and boring. I may watch half time though. Any, I meant to write this before summer. It's winter still. And I don't really shave much in winter. Or summer for that matter. I tend to do it whenever I think I should...which just isn't very often. 

Schick claims:
he high performance Schick® Quattro for Women®Razor has enhanced conditioning strips with Acai Berry and Jojoba Complex.
A shave so smooth you can even skip a day or two!
I remember when this razor came out. I was in high school. It was the girl version of the boys razor. I actually got my first one free with a coupon in the magazine. I never repurchased until recently. I just bought the refills because I still had the handle.

I remember when I first got it. The handle was really impressive. Especially compared to the Venus which is plastic. This one is metal and has a nice heavy quality feel to it. I think it's under warranty too. I've had mine forever and haven't had any problems. It's easy to grip and handle. They really did a good job with the design of it. 

As for the razor. I like it. But I don't love it. I don't think it gets close enough. My skin just doesn't feel "smooth" when I get out the shower with some other razors I've used. And that's surprising considering how many blades it has.

I also think this dulls quickly. And dries my skin a little bit.

I'm thinking about switching to an electric one because I think those are a little less wasteful...what do you think?

As far as I'm concerned they got it half right. I love the handle but think the razor could be better.

So for me, they got it half right.