Monday, March 31, 2014

Covergirl Queen Collection Natural Hue Bronzer in Ebony Bronze

I was one of those people that was so excited when Covergirl released the Queen collection. Too date I've only bought this and tried one of the foundations. Sad. Anyway, the Queen collection was long overdue. The foundation colors for Cocoa girls in the regular range have the weirdest undertones and the color range was awful. I didn't know it at the time, I thought it was just me so I always had a Covergirl foundation and hated it but thought it was me.'t I just avoided Covergirl. Anyway, I picked this up...maybe a year ago because I had seen a few raves on it.

Covergirl claims:
Mineral-enriched formula pampers skin and controls oil, for a sun-kissed glow without the shine. Beautifully matches skin tones from Rich Sand to True Ebony.

The bronzers in this collection come in three different colors. I picked up Ebony Bronze because that seems to be the most raved about. So like I said, I got it a year ago...and wasn't very impressed.

The actual product is hard to pick up. It's not powdery and doesn't kick up "dust" so it's a little harder to pick up...especially if you don't have the right brush. I actually thought that I couldn't pick it up because maybe it developed that hard top some powders get where you have to scrape to get underneath it. 

I thought I had the product solved when I got the Real Techniques Contour Brush but that brush was too small and didn't pick up much product. Then a few weeks ago I tried it with my Sonia Kashuk dense blush brush and it worked pretty well. It actually picked up product and put it where I wanted. 

Then I got my MAC 168 which is an angled contour brush and I like it so much more. The brush is white so I can tell when it has picked up enough product. And it does take a good amount of swirling to pick up a good amount of product. 

As for the's really nice. A nice reddish brown with some sparkle that doesn't really translate on the face. The color works better for some than others. On my skin it's aight. I've seen some people this looks amazing on. Mostly people with a more yellow undertone. I have yellow...but I also have some red.

Another thing, some people say it's a good contour color but I don't think so. I think this color just warms up the face. There are other colors that offer better slimming effects than this in my opinion.

Another thing I notice is that it doesn't last long for me. It could just be I have oily skin..for some reason my eyeshadows have been literally melting off my eyes too. Grr.

Overall, I like it. I don't think I like it enough to ever repurchase though. It will probably last me forever though so there wouldn't be any need. I may pick up the other colors though...

I have since changed my opinion on this. See below!

"I definitely didn't get the hype when I first bought this bronzer...but I guess there was just a learning curve. I originally bought this with the intention of creating bronze stripes on my cheeks. Like a contour or something like that. Which is silly because I KNOW what a bronzer is supposed to do, and I know the striped look is not attractive. Youtube tutorials had me messed up! Anyway, once I remembered what bronzer is for, I loved it. I use a pretty big brush to apply (MAC 134 or E.L.F Complexion brush. It doesn't seem like it's doing much at first. But once I take a step back and take a look, I love what it does for me. It adds a subtle reddish bronze to my skin that makes me look much better than if I hadn't applied it. It's a must try if you have a deeper skin tone. And it doesn't break the bank."