Monday, March 24, 2014

My Skin Care Routine

I'm super EXCITED! I just order some Anita Grant products...and just got the shipping confirmation. I've been wanting to try her stuff forever but the pound the dollar rate is not that great. So everything is super expensive...but I've heard great things about her stuff!

So taking care of your skin is one of the most important things if you want your makeup to look good. The better your skin looks..the better your makeup will look

For reference I have combination skin. Oily in the T-Zone and can get a little dry in my cheek/chin area.

Anyway, this is my Skincare routine. Which is ridiculously simple. But I thought I would share any way. 

So I'll start with the A.M routine. 

In the morning I just rinse my face with water. And if my face is feeling dry I add a little moisturizer. A lot of products have ingredients that aren't so great for the skin and I use I try to minimize  my exposure by only using those things once a day. Plus I'm not doing anything at night that really gets face dirty to where I need a cleanser. 

At night things get a little more complicated. But not by much.

I clean off my makeup with just my fingertips and a little cleanser. Right now I'm using Purity which I like it for removing makeup but it dries my skin SO much. Then I clean it again with a little more Purity and my Clarisonic (which I will review soon!). Occasionally I use my St. Ives Apricot Scrub which I love. I try to use it one a week. Then I moisturize with either my Green Tea Moisturizer from Afrikan Republic (I've had it a year and it's still going strong!) or Shea Butter. I usually alternate between the two.

If I have a mask I will use that at least once a week but I haven't bought one in awhile.

And that's all. I don't like using a lot of products on my face because my face starts breaking out. I know some people will say I should be using a serum, and eye cream, a toner, etc. but honestly I don't think all that is necessary. My family has some amazing skin...and they don't seem to use anything other that water..maybe some sometimes? I need a little something stronger because I do use makeup though. 

What's your skincare routine? Any recommendation? Do you keep it simple or are you a product junkie? How many products do you think are really neccessary?