Thursday, March 6, 2014

Skin Care Products: How much is too Much?

I've been addicted to the show American Horror Story lately. When I was still in college I would go to my friends dorm and we would catch little bits of the show. I remember thinking it was weird...very weird. So when I was bored and looking for something to watch it crossed my mind. Especially since it promised horror, which is one of my favorite genres. And I'm hooked. I'm on Season 2 now. I'm interrupting my current marathon to bring ya'll this post. So I'll being doing this quickly....

Anyway, I've also been watching a LOT of skin care routines via youtube also.

And I have been completely amazed by how many products some people use.

I have literally seen some ladies use three cleanser, a Clarisonic, a microdermabrasion system, a toner, a serum, three moisturizers, and an eye cream. Seriously.

My question is, is all that necessary?

I could never use that many products on my face at one time. My skin would hate me and show it with breakouts. And oddly enough I found the ladies that had the simplest routines had the most beautiful skin.

I'm more of a one product at a time girl...and actually my routine is relatively simple. I wash my face 2 times a day...maybe. Some mornings I just rinse (hey, I'm lazy!)

Then moisturize at night. Sometimes in the morning depending on if my skin felt or looked dry.

I try to use a scrub once a week...or a mask. Not both!

And that's all. 

I do use my Clarisonic now, which I will review after I use it a few more months.

So what do ya'll think? Do you use an army of products or do you keep it simple?

Anway, I gotta go. Got to get back to American Horror Story!


  1. I love horror films!
    My skin routine is very simple too!

    1. Me too :) My skin acts up when I use too many things on it!