Sunday, March 2, 2014

TAG: How Much is my Face Worth?

I thought this might be a really fun post, so I decided to do it!

Honestly, I'm a little bit afraid of the results, but I guess it will put how much I spend on beauty products into perspective a little! 

I didn't actually purchase all these at retail price...some I got a few dollars off but I'll just put the listed price.

I just did my basic everyday face which I wear pretty much everyday, unless I feel like wearing a bright lip color or changing up the eyes a bit. 

So let's get started....

Afrikan Republic Green Tea Cream with Tea Tree Oil- $9.95
Bare Minerals Foundation in Medium Dark-$27.00
NYX Blush in Cocoa-$5.00
Urban Decay Eyelid Primer in Eden-$20.00
NYX Eye Shadow in Beach Bronze $4.50
MAC Mystery Eye Shadow- $15.00
L'oreal Hip Shadow in Mischief-$8.49
Lush Eggnog Lip Balm- $7.25

TOTAL= $97.19

That is really HIGH!

But considering that I actually only paid $38 dollars and some change for the things on the list because some of it was gifts and I got some of it on sale, I feel a lot better!

How much is your face worth?