Monday, March 3, 2014

Yankee Candle Golden Sands

I mainly picked this up because of the picture. If I had known at the time it was related to Yankee Candle's Pink Sands I probably wouldn't have picked it up since I'm not a big fan of that scent.

Yankee claims:
The snow may be piling up outside your window, but your private beach. . . where time pauses. . . awaits you. Let the soft breezes of soothing sandalwood, luminous orange flower and warm tonka beans take you to that special place in the sun. No matter how deep the snow gets.

Fortunately, it smells completely different from Pink Sands. It actually smells really good!

I really like the scent, it's hard to pick up on the blends because I have no idea what orange flower smells like but I do get the tonk beans which is basically vanilla and sandalwood.

It's a very romantic and sophisticated scent. 

The problem was I couldn't smell it unless I hovered over it. I didn't pay two dollars for something to barely have any scent even if it did smell really good.

Smell it in the store and then put it back because it seriously lacks as far as performance is concerned.