Thursday, March 13, 2014

Yankee Candle Loves Me, Loves Me Not

It's springtime!  One of my favorite times of the year. Well ,spring and fall. And it's time to bring out the fall scents. Normally I don't even like floral scents..especially in a candle. But for some reason I REALLY wanted my room to smell floral. So I picked this up. 

Yankee Candle claims:
A fresh field daisy with pretty white petals just waiting to be pulled . . . oh, the anticipation!

This smells EXACTLY like Daisies. If I hadn't known it was a tart I would have started looking for the cute little flowers. It even has that "green" scent that daisies have.

And it is STRONG. Almost too strong but I won't complain because I would rather have a super strong tart than something I can't smell. And the scent lasted forever and forever. It still had scent left by the fourth tart. I was really impressed.

Best of all, this had the ability to transport me back the elementary school. I lived in Turkey then. And there were always a lot of flowers. I remember picking the daisies and doing the whole Loves Me, Loves me not while picking off the petals. I was usually thinking of my then crush...some boy names Randal. If I got the "love me not" I would make sure to get another flower and do it again. 

Good times.  

Anyway, if you love the smell of daisies or just strong florals you MUST try this. 

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