Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Newest Love: Urban Decay Electrics Pressed Pigment Palette

I wasn't going to get this. But then Sephora had a 15% off coupon. And I was compelled to order it. 

I mean, I love bright colors. They make me deliriously happy. Seriously. I love Urban Decay. And I have a couple palettes from them. The most popular being the Naked palette. I have the first one and I love it. But I feel like I have too many neutrals. I need more brights. And this palette is bright!

I've really only used the palette twice. But I already love it. Especially Jilted. So far that and Chaos are my favorites. 

I can't wait to use Slowburn. That shade looks pretty unique. I've never seen a color like that! And I have read the warning about not using it on the "immediate" eye area. Whatever that means. I'm still gonna use it on my eyes. But you can use them as blushes and on the lips because they are pigments...not shadows. 

And although it's expensive, I think its a great deal. You get TEN shadows, cute packaging, and a decent brush. 

I'm so excited about this palette. The colors are pretty pigmented (the silver from my VICE 2 palette is a little more pigmented and creamy) and a lot of matt colors. 

I wish there was a yellow though. And and orange. And I think there are too many blue shades. 

I'll do a real review once I play with it more. So far it's great though..the colors are vibrant and they last a long time!