Sunday, May 11, 2014

Homemade Honey Buns (Philosphy Recipe)

I had been searching forever for a honey bun recipe. For some reason they are just really hard to find, while prepackaged honey buns are absolutely everywhere. 

But every one knows home baked are always better than the junk you can buy in the store. Plus you know exactly whats going in it.

So I was excited when I bought Philosophy Homemade Honey Buns and found a recipe on the bottle. I was disappointed in the shower gel but not in the recipe. 

The recipe calls for store bought dough but I made that from scratch too. Ain't no half stepping' around here! I had read the recipe a couple times and was a little surprised when I saw it didn't have cinnamon. I was tempted to add some but ultimately decided against it.

These were so good. The honey tasted amazing in them. And unlike the box they tasted like real honey! Yum!

My family loved them too. One thing I would have changed was the way I made the dough. I used bread flowerer instead of all purpose so the rolls were a tad tougher..but no big deal they were still great.

I'm glad I finally made my honey buns. Now on to the next recipe!!

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