Sunday, May 11, 2014

Natural vs Synthetic Brushes

Not too long ago I had an "AHA" moment...and I just wanted to share what I learned. 

For years and years I have used mostly synthetic brushes. I didn't even realize there were natural animal hair brushes. I started off with a couple of cheap brushes that I received in high school as a gift. I threw them out not too long after when I realized they sucked. Then I bought a cheap Cherish brand brush which was awful! It was straw like and just plain awful.

I ended up giving it away when I bought my Ecotools brushes which are OK for the price. They are super soft but I found a couple problems in the density and how it picked up product. They were super soft and a great starter set but eventually they started falling apart. I only have the blush and powder brush left.

So I started buying Real Techniques which are excellent for the price. But lately I've been trying to upgrade to MAC. I want the whole collection. When I had a $25 cash back reward I bought my 2nd MAC face brush. I bought the 182. I read on the website that it is goat hair.

 Goat Hair? Why would one use animal hair brushes? Well, I did start to read up on it and found that apparently it was supposed to pick up and buff in powders a little bit better than synthetic brushes...especially mineral foundation which I had just picked up. I was very unhappy with the mineral foundation as I felt it looked kinda powdery and cakey. But when I started using my 182 I like it is a whole lot better. I was able to buff the product in better.

So then I bought the 109 and the 116 and fell in love with those. Now I don't want to use my synthetic brushes anymore!! 

Don't get me wrong, synthetic brushes are great for liquid, creams, gels, or anything else that is wet because it doesn't mess up the bristles and won't soak up your product. But nothing beats a natural hair brush for powders as far as I'm concerned. I will admit though that I think the synthetic brushes are softer, but softer does not always mean better. 

Now, I have read claims that some of the more expensive brushes do a little bit better but I just don't have the money for those at this point.

It is a little strange to use a goat hair brush....I was concerned that they take the hair in a cruel way which I've read is not true. I read the animals are well taken care of because you get the best quality hair. Basically they are given a hair cut and left to grow the hair out again.  

I can live with that!

I'll be looking to slowly expand my natural hair brush collection. I have enough synthetic brushes for now!

What do you think? What are your favorite brushes? Do you have a preference?