Thursday, May 29, 2014

MAC Haul

Never thought I would do a MAC haul. They are pretty expensive so it is a hard brand to haul. But I acquired those over the last two months and thought I would share.

It all started when I bought the packaging to hold my MAC shadows. I had five. The palettes hold 15. But I wanted it because digging out individual colors is a pain and I like having my colors in a palette. It just makes it easier to pick out the one you want. 

So I got it and depotted my MAC shadows. Which was a pain by the way. I cut my fingers and burned some serious plastic. Then I was on the MAC site and realized they sell them already deported for $10 verses the $15 for the ones in the packaging. I had to get them because I would be saving money if I twisted it around enough in my brain. 

Plus MAC now offers free shipping.

Oh yeah, and just briefly about the packaging. It's nice. Good plastic! But it attracts fingerprints like no other. And they are kind bulky and heavy so I don't know if it's especially good for makeup artists that need to travel with a bunch of shadows.

But they do take forever to ship. But that doesn't stop me ordering. I've acquired a couple brushes from them too but I order them from Nordstrom because I get points back on my card for ordering from them. 

Anywho, the top row I already had and the last couple rows I just bought. Most of these I haven't used so I can't really give a review beyond the swatch of the color.


So I'm just going to go in order.

MAC Brown Down- Had it for awhile. A pretty nice textured reddish brown that shows up deep brown on my skin.Wish it was more true to pan.
MAC Woodwinked- Nice gold. Not a yellow gold at all. More antique. Great quality.
MAC Mystery- Described as a plum-brown. I used to use it on my brows but it doesn't match anymore. Good for in the crease although it can look a little muddy on me. Maybe I need to pair it with purples or something.
MAC Nehru-Blue Black. Nice with purples/blues. Great quality.
MAC Goldmine- Yellow Gold. Hard for me to pull of but it's a nice shadow.
MAC Bright Sunshine- I keep buying yellows. This one looks gold on me. Not yellow. Ah well. It has great pigmentation though-especially for yellow.
MAC Coral- I have no color similar to this. It's nice but I just wish it stood out on my skin more. Glad I have it though!
MAC Acqua- When I first swatches it I hated it. I was like where is the pigment? But after I used it...I loved it. Love, Love, Love! So unique. At least to me...
MAC Parfait Amour- It's hard for me to find purples that I love. And I wasn't very impressed with this until I wore it. OMG! This color is beautiful. I have an Urban Decay color like this that is more blue based and that's great too. This is more purple. Happy I picked it up.
MAC Electric Eel- I have a ton of blues but since this seems to be a popular color I thought I would pick it up. It is gorgeous. I can't wait to wear it!
MAC Cranberry- I'm on the fence with this. It's nice...but...I don't know. Hopefully it grows on me. Maybe because it's a fall color and it's summer.
MAC Vibrant Grape-I bought it because of the swatches. Haven't used it yet but it seems really pigmented.
MAC Kelly-I thought this was going to be a true green but it's actually more...bright? I haven't used it yet but I'm excited to!
MAC Chrome Yellow- I bought this after finding Bright Sunshine to not be the color I wanted. I think this is a nice shade but I won't know until I wear it if it's the yellow that ends my search of yellows!
MAC Orange- Boo! This doesn't look orange on me. It looks kind red. I was kinda disappointed but I will keep trying it.

And there you have it. Next palette I get is going to be an Inglot one. I'm dying to try their shadows since I've heard some people like it better than MAC.