Monday, June 9, 2014

MAC 182 Buffer Brush

I've been slowly (very slowly) buying MAC brushes. This particular one is the most expensive brush I own ringing in at $53 dollars. I didn't pay that because I had a $25 dollar reward on my credit card that I used to purchase this knocking this down to $23 dollars. I think I'll use any other rewards I get to keep purchasing brushes.

MAC claims:

A full, dome-shaped brush of extra soft goat hair. Specially created to flawlessly 
blend powder onto the skin for an immaculate polished finish. Excellent for all M·A·C powders and pigments.

I basically bought this brush to use with my mineral foundation. I had previously been using a synthetic brush and it was just wasn't working well for me This took my foundation to the next level. I at least like the foundation now. You really do need the right tools!

This brush is super soft! And really dense so it picks up powder effortlessly and really buffs it into the skin. It's a natural hair brush made from goat hair and the first time I washed it, it smells like "animal". The smell eventually faded though. Luckily it wasn't very strong and it only smelled when it came into contact with water. Nowadays it just smells like whatever I wash it with.

It fits into my hand perfectly also and is very comfortable to use. 

I was very worried about shedding because I've read a couple of reviews that mention this brush shedding profusely. After paying $53 dollars on a brush (or $23) it better not shed. Luckily that hasn't been a big problem for me. It shed about seven hairs in the first week and now it sheds about one hair in two weeks, if that. 

I also read a couple about a few people complaining the brush bled dye. I don't remember it bleeding any color. 

I do try to wash it once a week. I notice if I don't the bristles can feel a little rough. It's softest when it has just been cleaned. 

One thing I should mention that really surprised me is that it was made in China. All MAC brushes state where they were made on the handle. Until I bought this brush, all of my brushes were made in Japan-one in France. So I had to do a little research and it is indeed made in China. I just had to check because I know a lot of fakes are made in China. I ordered it from Macy's so I don't doubt the authenticity of the brush.

Overall, I LOVE it. It is amazing for powder/ mineral foundation and was worth the investment to me. If I lost it I would probably cry! 

I have a $25 reward on my credit card but can't decide whether to order the 134 or the 138. Decisions, Decisions! Think I'll get the 134. 


  1. It sounds amazing! I wonder how the Real Techniques one compares! I think I'd cry if I lost my favourite brushes too! Haha! Great Review!

    1. I didn't even know they had one! I just ran to the website to check it's a different real techniques are all synthetic! I just recently discovered that natural haired brushes+ powder=heaven :) I may have to get it one day anyway.