Monday, June 9, 2014

Our Own Candle Company Haul

I broke up with Yankee Candle because the throw and the quality has gone down. I broke up with Slatkin because of the two dollar incase in price and the fact they charge $22.50 retail for a candle that only burns up to 45 hours. I was going to try Candles by Victoria but they charge almost $30 to ship my APO (US address) and I refuse to pay that much for shipping.  

I was running out of options. But then one day I was perfusing Amazing and noticed the Our Own Candle Company brand, Most candles are $8-$10 and supposedly burn up to 100 hours. I had seen the brand before in Ross but passed because it was $5.99 and I was being a candle snob. The candle smelled amazing (Banana Nut Bread) but I figured it must be bad quality because of the price. 

I was never so wrong. 

I bought two candles because of the rating on Amazon and am so glad I did. I bought a couple more so I just thought I would do a haul. 

Lemon Pound Cake- This is the most amazing smelling candle ever. It smells just like store-bought lemon pound cake (not homemade). And it is strong! I gave one to my Mom then had to order one for myself.

Blueberry Pie- I sniffed Yankee Candles Blueberry scone a while back and ever since have been jonesing for a blueberry scented candle. This is amazing. I need a good recipe for blueberry pie now because I must have one.

Smell My Nuts- We aren't going to talk about the name LOL. I've lit this twice. The Banana Bread smells amazing and realistic but unfortunately it's not very strong. I'll have to burn the other two scents to decide if I really like the scent. 

French Vanilla- It's nice. Kinda has a glue scent or something but it may be better when I burn it.

Apple pie/ Cinnamon/ Vanilla- Smells just like Apple pie. Can't wait to burn it. I have a feeling it gets better when you burn it.

And that's all. I'll do reviews on all these candles eventually. So far I think I've found a new favorite and they are like Pokemon-Gotta Catch 'Em All!