Monday, June 9, 2014

Queen Latifah's Queen of Hearts Perfume

My mom found this in the store for 75% off and I ended up with it. I love Queen Latifah...Living Single has to be on of my favorites shows ever. But I hate... and I mean HATE this perfume.

Queen of Hearts claims:
Queen Latifah presents her new fragrance named Queen of Hearts in august 2010, made in collaboration with the Parlux Fragrances company. Queen of Hearts is a sophisticated and elegant fragrance of warm and feminine notes, romantic and perfect for fall season. It tells you that true beauty really comes from the heart of a woman, from her inner strength.
“The heart has a song all its own. This new fragrance sings out the message that beauty comes from the heart of a woman. Indeed, this fragrance too conveys my belief that beauty is a state of love, an expression of a woman’s confidence and sensuality. Queen of Hearts captures the allure of a woman’s body, her mind and her inner strength.” says Queen Latifah about the perfume.
Top notes of the Queen of Hearts perfectly balance warmth and strength with its aromas of bergamot, dewy greens, spicy cinnamon and sensual purple plum. Romantic, elegant and intriguing notes of the heart represent the woman's inner beauty with Egyptian jasmine, red fruits and a bouquet of white flowers. Sensuality that lingers on skin comes in the form of warm amber aroma, musk, patchouli, vanilla, olibanum and smoky incense.
The Queen is dressed in sophisticated color of gold and azure blue this time. Queen of Hearts comes in a golden bottle engraved with a heart in the middle and golden box with a blue outline. The nose of the compositions is Steve de Mercado.

This smells like...old lady. When I first sprayed it I was like "OK thats not too bad". But then the more I use it..the more I hate it.

It's an old lady perfume. 

It's a spicy floral. It doesn't last very long-a blessing in disguise. 

It may be that I am just using the perfume in the wrong season and it may be better suited to winter time. I don't know. 

Now that I've stressed how awful this smells let's talk packaging. It's heavy. And it looks cheesy. I get the whole connection the the queen of hearts card just doesn't look as classy as I was picturing. It's like little girl packing and mature woman scent inside.

As you can tell..I really don't like it. Not even for free.

Have you tried it? Like it? Love it?

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