Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Craig David

There is not other artist that takes me back to the sixth grade like Craig David. I was living in Iceland and went on a trip to London with my school and bought this CD for my dad (I had a bad habit of buying other people things that I really wanted). I ended up keeping the CD. 

Back then I thought he was the cutest guy ever. I would stare dreamily at the little CD insert. Good Times! If you've seen a recent pic he looks really different nowadays. 

Anywho, "Walking Away" was my jam. I wore that CD out!

After that I didn't keep up with his music as much. He fell off my radar. Ah well. 

I decided to listen to some of his stuff and like a couple songs. Nowadays his music just isn't as unique as it seemed to be back then.

Walking Away- I could listen forever.
Fill Me In
Hidden Agenda
World Filled With Love
Don't Love You No More
Take Em Off
What's Your Flava-I hated this song back then but for some reason I really love it now. Weird!
7 Days