Monday, July 28, 2014

Yankee Candle Strawberry Buttercream Tart

I haven't been blogging. Mainly because I've been working crazy hours...and instead of blogging I have been catching up on Marvel movies. I watched all three Iron Men, the Avengers, Captain America, Superman, Thor, X-Men...just everything. I LOVE those movies. I need to see Captain America 2. Anyway, I've watched it all up and so that gave me a little time to do some blogging.

So here goes!

Yankee Candle Claims:
Yum . . . an absolutely luscious treat of plump, sweet strawberries buried in rich whipped cream.

I was pretty excited for this tart. Look at the picture-luscious strawberries and buttercream. How could this not smell amazing?

Well somehow it just doesn't. I was thinking I would smell the fresh strawberries but this just doesn't capture it. And then the buttercream scent is...meh. But I was expecting it would be because I was not impressed with Yankee Candles regular buttercream tart.

The quality of the tart was nothing to write home about. It didn't have a particularly strong throw and didn't last very long.

In short-love the picture but didn't think this scent was that amazing.