Thursday, August 28, 2014

Butternut Squash

I had no idea what "butternut" squash was unit a few years ago when my mom had it at someone's house and came home raving about it. It sounded good enough but I was never tempted to make it myself. 

Until now. 

I got this recipe from an Essence magazine with Idris Elba (my boo...sigh) on the cover.  But because I'm too lazy to type it out I went ahead and found the recipe on another site.

You can view it here.

The strangest thing about this recipe-it has thyme in it. I guess it tastes ok in the recipe. Actually I thought they were just "ok" in general. And the orange juice addition was a little odd.

But everyone else seemed to love them. Especially my mom, she polished all the leftovers off and then asked for more. But honestly these are just took much work.

I made Lemon Thyme chicken to go with it to use up the rest of the fresh thyme.I hate to waste fresh herbs.

The most important part, I got some orange veggies in me. I don't eat enough orange things. 

Maybe I'll make a pie with it soon...hmmm.