Sunday, August 31, 2014

NOW Shea Butter

Shea Butter is my most favorite additive in all types of products from body washes to lotions and lip balms and solo much more. I even love it in it's natural state because I find it great for my hair and skin. I found a recipe for Lavender lotion in a magazine and decided I would try to make some myself. So I ordered this. 

Now Shea claims:

Condition:  Dry, cracked or chapped skin in need of moisture, especially on tougher areas such as the elbows, knees and feet.
Solution:  Natural Shea Butter has a rich, luxurious texture that penetrates deep to condition and moisturize every type of skin. Shea Butter is derived from the tree nuts of the karite trees that grow in Western and Central Africa. It is a wonderful emollient that's perfect for daily use. Can also be used as a scalp moisturizer.

Suggested Use:  Gently apply as desired, paying close attention to dry or chapped areas, reapply as needed.
This product is naturally hard and color/texture will vary depending on temperature. This product will melt when warmed above body temperature and become solid again when cool. This is natural and may affect the appearance, but will not harm the quality of the product. This warming and cooling may produce fat crystals affecting the color/texture making it appear grainy or uneven. If hard, shea butter can be softened by placing in a pan of hot water (e.g. 100 F or warmer) for 30 minutes or microwaved until soft.
Caution for Microwaving: This jar contains a foil seal. Do not place this jar directly in microwave. Before microwaving, scoop out desired mount and place in a microwave-safe container. Allow time to cool before applying.
This product is guaranteed to be Natural. 

I HATE this stuff.


I believe it's refined so it has a very odd scent. Although I'm not the biggest fan of the natural smell of Shea Butter I would rather smell that...than this.

The thing I hate most of this is it is gritty. I've had gritty Shea before when I warmed up my Shea Butter too quickly and let it cool again. It's almost like Shea with sand. Eventually the grit will melt into your skin-but I just don't like it. I prefer creamy, smooth Shea Butter. 

I was going to write the company BUT it says on the jar that the Shea may be gritty so I just left it alone. I will definitely not be purchasing this again though and can't recommend it. There are plenty of other sources of high quality Shea Butter that deserve your money over this.

I didn't get to make my lotion because I'm trying to use this up before I buy any more...but it will probably be awhile because I really hate using this stuff. 

The lowdown-love Shea Butter, hate this! Definitely go with a different brand if you are looking to try or buy Shea.