Monday, August 18, 2014

Lazy Day

I've been running the streets. And today I decided I would stay home all day. 

I thought I would get some blogging done but I really can't take pictures now because my eyebrows look crazy. I'm going to get them done Friday though so hopefully I'll do some blogging then. I've been testing out Maybelline's Fit Me Foundation stick. My first stick foundation. Yay!!

So I'll just talk about some of the other things I did today-that didn't include blogging. I made cornbread-with  corn meal that I ground myself from popcorn. I bought the dry container to go with my Vitamix. Couldn't help myself. And I'm super excited because I found wheat berries in the store which means I can grind my own wheat flour. And use it when I bake-which I haven't been doing lately. Ahh well. 

Anyway, I fired up the grill today because I need something to fill my time. My whole family is in the states dropping my sister off to Howard University-she got a full tuition scholarship. I'm so proud of her.

But back to my grilling. Look at the lovely Porterhouse steak and Honey Lime Glazed Chicken.  It was yummy. I tell ya, I can throw down in the kitchen. 

I worked out not once but two times- had to burn some extra so I could eat all my fatty steak. (I only ate half and wrapped the rest of for tomorrow!)

And now I'm about to light some candles and watch True Blood. 

What a lovely day!

Hows your day going?