Sunday, August 24, 2014

Maybelline Fit Me Shine-Free Stick Foundation (355 Coconut)

Continuing on with stepping outside my comfort zone and buying other types of foundations that aren't liquid- I bought this. I have always wanted to try a stick foundation. I remember eyeing the Fashion Fair ones but the girl at the counter was too lazy to match me-so I didn't end up trying that one. I think I payed around five dollars for it-I had a coupon so it was on the cheaper end of what most foundations cost.

Maybelline claims:
Get flawless, shine-free skin instantly and on-the-go with makeup tailor made for your skin. Fit Me Shine Free Stick Foundation's anti-shine core has ultra-lightweight powders built in to instantly dissolve oil. The gel-stick formula goes on creamy, blends easily, and transforms to a matte powder finish. Available in 12 oil-free shades.
  • Gel-Stick Foundation Provides Tailor-Made Mattifying Coverage
  • Goes On Creamy And Transforms To A Matte Powder Finish
  • Ultra-Lightweight Powders In The Anti-Shine Core Instantly Dissolve Excess Oil
So let's talk about the shades it comes in. There are twelve of them-and somehow only two brown girl shades. Not cool. And the darkest shade isn't dark at all. Luckily- it matches my skin perfectly. I'm the same shade in the liquid Fit Me so it wasn't too hard to match my skin. Maybelline should definitely add some darker shades to it though like they did with the other one.

UPDATE-I think it's too orange for me.

So let's talk application. This is one of the quickest and easiest to apply foundations I have ever tried in my life. You swipe it on, then blend it out with your fingers. It takes seconds. I don't think I've used anything that applies quicker. I find that once layer does ok-but I can still see most of my scars through the foundation so I usually add a little extra where I need it. I would say it's light to medium because it still doesn't completely cover what I want it to cover.

Supposedly this is a GEL-stick. Honestly I think that's a gimmick. Feels like every other stick foundation I've played with. I notice when I swipe it on my face it feels kind of dry to me. I don't like that.  I guess it's the "anti-shine" core. Speaking of the core-I really wanted to try this for the "shine-free" part of it. My skin can get pretty oily. And this does nothing to help that. By the end of the day I'm a shiny mess. Plus it doesn't look as nice as other foundations when I get an up close look at it. I feel like it accentuates bumps BUT it does look pretty nice the first hour after you applied it.

Not only am I a grease-ball but most of the foundation has completely disappeared from my face. It just doesn't last though out the day. It does a little better with a primer. The only real use I can see with this foundation is if you were running somewhere really quick and didn't need to look nice for an extended amount of time.

Another thing- this foundation doesn't last very long. You will use it up very quickly. I'm not mad at that because I don't really like the foundation and can't wait to run out.

It photographs ok. There isn't any SPF so you don't get the Casper face. 

Oh...I almost forgot. I feel like this foundation gives me tiny little painful acne bumps. 

The packaging is average. It's an average plastic twist up case. It's great for travel though!

So in conclusion- I really really don't like it. I would recommend the liquid version over this-just be warned it doesn't last very long either and can look a little too dewy at times if you have oily skin.

Update- When you get down to the bottom it's a pain to scrape out the rest and there is quite a bit in the bottom....