Saturday, August 2, 2014

Wilhelma Zoo in Stuttgart Germany

I'm ridiculously excited about this post.

I had never been to the zoo before (well not that I can ever remember) so last Saturday we took a little trip to Stuttgart to go to the zoo. And I had a blast!!!

I loved every second. Well, I did feel bad that the animals were confined to small areas. Other than that I really liked seeing all the different animals.

I'll just share a couple photos I took.

So, I found Nemo (clown fish). They had an aquarium with animals I never even knew existed. But the whole time I was looking for Nemo. And I found him. He was trying to hide and I believe he was plotting his escape. Look how cute!!

I saw penguins! They were so small an adorable. I love them!!

It's Kanga (from Winnie the Pooh!)!

Owls are some of my favorite animals!

Lazy but beautiful Snow Leopard!

Check out the Polar Bear..

First time I've seen a giraffe-I kinda thought they were a lot bigger.

It's Dumbo's mom :)

And this little man (or woman) somehow got free...and was roaming the park.

I had a blast and saw so many more animals that I somehow forgot to get pictures of like chimps and Sea Lions. The Sea Lions were my faves. We got to see them feeding and one of the baby ones was so cute. He stood in front of the woman feeding him and demanded food. I loved it. And I saw Ceasar (anyone else a fan of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes? That movie makes me deliriously happy!)

I want to go back!!!

And that was my fun filled day at the zoo. What's your favorite animal?