Sunday, September 28, 2014


I have often talked about how much I love 80's music. Debarge had a lot of stuff that I love from the 80's.

Ooooh and I like it!! (reference to My Favorite song by them!)
Actually I love it. Most people may recognize the song because Beyonce sampled it on her song I Like it from her first album. This group has been sampled a lot though. 

I honestly didn't realize just how talented they were until I realized they play instruments too!!! 

Anyway, when I'm in the mood for eighties this always makes it on the playlist.

In addition to these:
All This Love
I Like it
A Dream- This was sampled on the movie Soul Food during the cheating scene
Time Will Reveal
Love Me In A Special Way- I love pretending I can hit those notes.
Stay With Me- Also Sampled a Ton.

I need to make a solid eighties playlist. Maybe I will go do that now!!