Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Favorite Decade of Makeup: 90's

I'm so excited about this post. I've been thinking it over...there are so many great decades to choose from as far as makeup. It was a toss up between the super glamorous 50's and 90's. But I chose 90's because...I think makeup was...simple then. Especially compared to now.

Nowadays, I think makeup can look extra scary...some women wear too much everything. And the extra highlighted look-no good. I think some women will look back and be like " What was I THINKING?" And the super fake drawn on brows-no bueno. Oh yeah, and another thing I can't stand-the super pale pink lip. Why wear those when you can wear bold beautiful color?

I love it!! The only thing missing is the shades of lipstick seemed to stick to brown or reds. They didn't have some of the beautiful loud pinks, berries, and oranges we wear nowadays.

Another thing is the eyeshadow seemed to always be neutral...and I love my bright colors. But I still really loved this decade of makeup.

What's your favorite decade of makeup?