Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sleek Makeup: Terrible Customer Service

One thing I will not tolerate as a customer is poor customer service. If I feel like I have received bad customer service...I won't purchase anything from that company again. There are too many companies out there that have excellent customer service and I prefer to give my hard earned money to those companies. 

I've heard a lot of great things about Sleek Makeup...they are supposed to have amazing stuff for reasonable prices so naturally I wanted some for myself. I googled the company randomly one day and figured I would place an order, especially since they were having a sale. I mostly wanted the blushes and the contour kit for dark skin.

So I placed my my order confirmation, saw the funds debited the next day. 

Now, I didn't expect my products in the next week. I order from LUSH UK and usually it takes around four that's when I started looking for my box. never came. So I decided to write the company on the 08 of September. I figured that was more than enough time.

I gave them my order number and everything. They responded back on the 11th. Three days later...(I think 24-48 hours is reasonable...three days is a bit excessive)

So I did....The very same day!

The next day...they wrote me back saying I needed to check with my post office to see if they weren't holding it because that is the address they shipped it to. I deleted that email somehow because I was feeling heated..umm no the package is not at my post office. they weren't holding it. And they proceeded to do nothing. So I asked for a refund. No response. None...nada. This was on the 12th. Today is the 17th, I believe I gave them ample time.

So I filed a dispute with my bank and VISA will take it up with them. In the meantime, I have my money back and shame on Sleek.

Honestly..I should have done a little research. It looks like Sleek has bad customer service history. Back in 2011 they had a super crazy fiasco with some sale they had. You can read about it here.

They won't be seeing a red cent from me.

I hate companies like this and although they may have awesome makeup I shall never know. 

I'm going to take my refund and buy some NARS...yippeee!!!

So SLEEK wrote me back on the 22nd and refunded my money back. I'm still not happy with their customer service and will not be ordering from them again.