Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Workout Update

Haven't done one of these in ages...But I thought I would start up again.

So...since the very end of July I have been working out consistently at LEAST four days a week. I may have had week where I only worked out three but nothing less that that.

I haven't lost any pounds BUT I have lost inches. NINE to be exact!

I feel so proud of myself and hopefully I continue on! The working out has definitely built arm and thigh muscles I didn't previously have before. I'm so excited about my new "muscle".

Heres a pic I took after a workout...looking good but I still have some work to do!

Heres what I did:

Harley Pasternaks-Light Body Toning Five Week Program- I lost SIX Inches with this ones. It get's repetitive after a while because he says the same thing but it get's results. I definitely developed arm muscles with this one. I just wish it had more variety. I will probably do another program-the 10 week one some day to see if I can lose another six inches.

The Biggest Loser- I lost three inches with this. Honestly I wasn't as consistent with this one. It's...HARD! It really works you out. I will try it again when I am up for the challenge.

My Fitness Coach- And this is the one I am doing now. It's very much like old aerobics tapes. I love that you can add your own equipment. So far I've only done two workouts but it is amazing for cardio. And I only paid eight dollars. Love Amazon!!