Saturday, October 18, 2014

Balsamic Peaches

Sounds fancy huh?

Theres nothing I love more than fruit. In particular...ripe Peaches in the summertime!! When you bite in and the juice dribbles down your chin and you lick it all up because you don't want to waste one drop. 

I miss summer now.

I actually made these in the summer...too top on the salad and ice-cream. 

But to be honest I thought these were going to be amazing and they were just "aight". It could be that I used flat peaches and not the traditional peach. 

I may have to try it again that way. For now I was just glad I ate a whole spinach salad that was super healthy for me....and sounded fancy doing it.

I got the recipe from Budget Bytes. Click here to check it out. 

In the post you will find the link to the ice-cream and the salad.

I can't find the picture where I topped it with ice-cream....My pics have disappeared from my phone! looked cute though-slot better than the salad. 

I meant to use frozen yoghurt but couldn't find any and I was too lazy to make my own. Next time!!