Saturday, October 18, 2014

Too Faced Chocolate Bar: Milk Chocolate+ Gilded Ganache

Today I played with my Chocolate Bar.


I use it, but I tend to use the same shades and not try and of the other colors. I'm not too sure why I keep doing that but I'm trying to branch out. I was actually trying to do the look on the little piece of paper it comes with but-I didn't use the fudge color as a liner. Instead i used Gilded Ganache which I was never too excited for but I discovered if you wet that color it looks gorgeous. Which is my next look. 

I never use eye shadow as liner but today I did and I love it. I wouldn't do this look with these shadows though-I think the color would have popped more against another color so I'll be trying that again too.

I also tested out the NARS Sheer Matte which I'm not very impressed with. It doesn't wear throughout the day nicely on my skin. It looks so oily. For a forty+ dollar foundation you can color me disappointed. However I shall keep trying to make it work. 

I had it on a couple hours in the photo. 

You can see a whole lot of blemished peaking through on my chin-not thrilled with that either.