Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Deborah Cox

From about 5-6th grade, Deborah was my favorite singer. I could listen to "Nobodys Supposed to Be Here" a million times and never get sick of it. I also sing along-and try to hit those notes. I also fail miserably but I have a lot of fun trying. 

No one hits notes like Deborah. 

For a long time I thought One Wish was her first album. She actually had one before it-but to honest it's nothing special. Not like One Wish.

The second album was OK.

And everything after that...meh. I really don't like the dance songs she likes to put out.

But I still love that VOICE. You bettah sang girl!!

A couple other songs by her I love are:

Thy Will Be Done-From Kingdom Come-the movie is one of the best movies ever!!
Up &Down-My Song-Nuff' Said
Play Your Part-
Hurt So Much
We Can't Be Friends-My 2nd Fave by her!! I have good memories of road trips with this one.
Same Script, Different Cast-Whitney vs Deborah- 

I miss real music....